House Rules of Orangebike

  • Before we can rent out a bicycle to you, we need you to leave us your driver's license, identity card or an imprint of a credit-card.
  • If you park your bike make sure to lock it properly to a fence, lamppost or something similar, with the chains and locks that have been provided to you.
  • In the event of your bike getting stolen, we need you to return the keys to the locks.
  • We can provide you with a bicycle theft insurance for a daily premium of 3,-.
  • In the event of bicycle loss and/or theft: Insured: you'll have to pay 100,-.
    Not insured: you'll have to compensate Orangebike for the price of the bicycle.
  • The prices of the bicycles:

    City Bike:200,-
    Art Bike:400,-
    Fixed Gear Bike:400,-

    Lost lights: 5,-

    Missing locks and/or keys: 35,-

  • Carrying bike-passengers is prohibited!

The Orangebike rentals are in a perfect state.
We also want them back in a perfect state!